About Us

About Us

We are expert security contractors with over 12 years in the business of providing our valued customers peace of mind. 

Our goal is to provide nothing but the best services imaginable to our clients. We will always help you choose the security system that suits your life and needs, quote our work to you, and explain every step as we go. 

We welcome any and all customers from all backgrounds. If you have a farm, a business, or just want to keep your home safe, we look forward to serving you. No job is too big or too small for us. We encourage you to just call us, even if you are just comparing prices. We do quality work that is done right the first time at a price you will find reasonable. 


We offer the latest CCTV technology for you and your place of business or residence. Gone are the days of those grainy, fat television sets where you could barely see anything. Today, CCTV is great for monitoring your place as the picture is clear and the quality of our cameras are the best. Keeping watch has never been so easy!

Locating pipes and cables for proper installation of these devices can be hard, but we have all you need to locate such objects. When doing any work on your property, we respect your land and make sure to always check if there are any pipes or cables we should know about. We are homeowners like you and will always check before we dig or install any lines. 

Our Brands

As the phrase goes, “What’s in a name?” Everything, we say. We have partnered with companies Telstra and NBN as licensed contractors to provide you their great services. We also use top brands in the communications industry like NanoBeam and Cel-Fi. These and other great brands will give you extra peace of mind knowing you’ve selected a name you can trust in the security world. 

Ready to Call? 

We are ready to handle all needs that may arise. Please let us handle security concerns so you can focus on what matters. Call Andrew at 0439670 486 for your quote.