Nano Beams

Need a CCTV camera installed or internet available from up to 20 km away from your home? Want the ability to watch footage from your TV live?

This application has many uses. If you live on a farm and want to keep watch over garages, barns, work sheds or equipment, this is a great way to do it. 

This great little device will fit anywhere and beams signals from the source to your desired location. 

This particular device has been used in industrial and residential applications since its debut in January 2013. For six years, the manufacturer of NanoBeam, Ubiquiti, has strived to make this product the greatest it can be. 

Easy Setup

The NanoBeam features Plug and Play Installation, meaning it is easy for us to set this up and you can enjoy it in mere moments.

It mounts onto a variety of surfaces, like walls and poles, and its three-axis alignment makes it a breeze to set up. We do not even need to use any screws in the installation process when mounting to a pole, and we only need use a single wall screw when mounting it to a wall. 

The purpose of such a device is to send signals to a place that’s far away-that is, to “beam” them to a place the user has designated.

For this small-size device, you get a lot of gain-or strength-and even in high noise environments signals are sent right where they need to go. We set it up so that signal obstruction is minimized. 

If you prefer to mount your NanoBeam on a wall, we can bring a wall mount kit to make this happen. 


This particular device uses airMax technology which has proven to be successful in millions of worldwide uses. The performance of NanoBeam is one that outshines its competitors.

The TDMA airMax, for instance, gives you high scalability, low latency, and high throughput in multipoint, unlicensed networks. 

NanoBeam AC Gen 2

One popular model we feature, the NanoBeam ac Gen2, offers its users a very reliable long-distance Point A to Point B connection.

This device boasts a max throughput of up to 450MB per second and will also filter out noise that will reduce the interference found in areas that are heavily populated with many RF signals.

You can look forward to gain of 19dBi when you use this NanoBeam. 

This particular device will direct the RF energy in a tight beam width. With the focus being in one direction, the NanoBeam 5AC Gen 2 will block or even spatially filter out surrounding noise, so that way noise immunity is better.

This feature is critical when it comes to areas that are loaded with other RF signals operating on the same or even similar frequencies. 

The design is designed to be efficient and compact, and with just a very small footprint, you can enjoy some serious gain. 

And, the best part: you can control it using an app on your tablet or smartphone.

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