NBN Technology

At Field Security, we are so proud to state that we work with NBN as well as Telstra to provide you and your home or business the best in internet services you can imagine. 

No matter what sort of data you need, our employees can and will cover you. Phone, data, and Internet services are all available. All NBN technologies are offered, including FTTN, FTTC, FTTB, FTTP, fixed wireless, and even satellite internet. 

If you are sick of internet that doesn’t work…get your phone and contact us so we can help you. 

30,000 km of Copper

 A recent report  indicates to us that NBN has purchased a hefty amount of copper. Do not miss out on being part of this huge deal-call us and we will absolutely come to your residence or home and install just what you need. 

Confused about the different ways you can be connected to the world? Read all about it below. 


This stands for Fiber to the Cabinet, and it is based on a combo of fiber optic cable and copper cable.

The fiber optic cable is put into place from a local phone exchange to a distribution point, sometimes called a roadside cabinet, where we get the name “fiber to the cabinet.” From here a standard phone line based upon copper is used to deliver broadband connection.


This is known as Fiber to the Node, or Neighborhood. This serves a few hundred customers at once.

They all must be in a radius of 1 mile. Then, any distance remaining to the home, sometimes referred to as “the last mile” may use DSL through existing phone or cable lines. The data rates are determined by customer proximity to the node, and delivery protocols. 


Fiber to the Building is a variety of fiber optic cable installation in which the fiber cable goes to a point on a piece of shared property, and the other cabling provides the internet connection to single homes, businesses, or other areas. FTTB may use active or passive optical networks as a means of distributing signals over a shared fiber-optic cable to single homes or businesses.

You may sometimes hear this referred to as “fiber to the basement”. 


FTTP is also known as “fiber to the home.” It is a pure fiber-optic cable connection that runs from an ISP, or Internet Service Provider, to the user’s home or office. Fiber optic cables are made of optical fibers which are made to transport light.

These fibers have the width of a human hair and are sheathed in two layers of plastic that creates a mirror around the fibers for total internal reflection. 

Fixed Wireless

This is the operation of wireless communication devices or systems that are used to connect two locations-such as from one building to another-using a radio or other wireless link, such as the beams offered by our NanoBeams.

The purpose of such a fixed wireless link is to ensure data can be communicated between two sites or buildings. 


If you live in a rural area, cell connectivity and the internet may seem like faraway dreams.

But the use of geostationary satellites can be used to deliver a signal right to your home, where you and your family can enjoy the internet. Sound hard? Not for us! Call us.