Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Repeaters-

This device is for Telstra and Optus. It is a smart repeater and is an ideal product that does a great job of boosting your cell’s signal. It distributes and boosts a 3G/4G mobile signal within your home or office. No matter where you are, you can be sure you can make that call or send that SMS. It supports voice and the mobile internet, so say goodbye to frustrating dropped calls and slow internet load times. To start getting your signal out to the world and stay in touch with family and colleagues, please call Andrew ASAP at 0439670 486. 

Nano Beams-

Need to keep an eye on your employees who work in a separate barn or building? Want to keep an eye on who is entering and exiting your property? This is where our Nano Beams come into play. Our Nano Beams provide the highest amount of gain, or power, for their small size. The beam directivity of these devices provides you the very best in performance for even the noisiest environments. We will make sure that your Nano Beams are positioned in such a way that signals come through with minimal blockage. Creating a wireless bridge is a simple task with these. 

Alarm Systems-

We do 3G, Hard-Wired, and Wireless as well as Wi-Fi alarm packs. Alarm packs are just perfect for home and business applications. They can give you real-time notifications right on your mobile phone via a call or SMS.

Chances are it will work with the mobile you already have-no need to shop for a new phone. Our systems are compatible with a wide variety of wireless and wired alarm accessories, so we can fit the needs of a big or small job with no trouble at all.

We train you in how they are used, so you will be operating like a pro. 

NBN Technologies-

NBN is a company that you know and trust, and perhaps you already have their services in your home. Telstra is another company like this, and the good news is that we are licensed to install devices and tech from each company.

We are proud to be qualified contractors for these great Australian companies and will make sure that all your phone, data, and Internet needs are met.

Whether you need FTTN, FTTC, FTTB, FTTP, or fixed wireless/satellite, you will be online in no time flat with speedy internet that will keep business and home running quite smoothly. 

Solar CCTV-

Get the surveillance you need regardless of your access to data infrastructure. We offer the SLR-B Series Solar CCTV Surveillance Systems at Field Security. These are remote-view enabled, surveillance solutions that are just right in areas without ready access to a network or power.

This may include black spot monitoring, farm surveillance, or even in temporary CCTV applications like construction or job sites or events lasting a limited time.

Our units are constructed with only the finest materials so they will operate in conditions some might consider extreme. No matter the weather, your solar CCTV unit will be ready to handle the workload.