Solar CCTV

You can have surveillance in any location with the SLR-B series Solar CCTV Surveillance Systems from us here at Field Security Systems. These are remote-view enabled, standalone surveillance solutions that are great for areas without network or power infrastructures, like a rural farm or home.

This may include black spot monitoring, or in temporary applications like events where CCTV will be needed for a relatively short period of time. 

Our featured model includes a 4.0 Megapixel mini IP PTZ dome, which gives you a versatile solution to your surveillance needs with 4x lossless optical zoom, pan-tilted zoom control, low-light color performance for those times you will be monitoring in the near dark, and microSD edge recording. 

The solar panel includes a 50W LED area light with motion detection, and we can customize them to suit your specifications by working with the company that manufactures this great product.

You will like that the system is powered using a rechargeable 500Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery.  The best part is that you will get a 5.8 GHz wireless bridge so your signal can be transmitted remotely, allowing you to view it anywhere. 

Best of all, the 128GB microSD card is included, as is a 4-year warranty. So, even if you live in a place where power is not prevalent your home, property and family can still remain safe and sound. 


  • 120W monocrystalline silicon panel
  • 50w LED area light
  • Resistant to wind up to 65m/s
  • 65-degree range of motion, at a 10m range and 8m install height
  • Constructed of quality metal with polycarbonate dome
  • Comes with camera adapter, right angle bracket, pole mount bracket, 128 GB microSD, and mounting box

How Does This Tech Work? 

It’s in the science of solar panels. These are the devices that convert light from the sun’s power to electricity, which then charges the batteries and operates the camera. 

They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, depending on which camera model you purchase. You can purchase customized solar panels for your particular camera (we can absolutely help you with this at Field Security) so you need not worry about getting the correct size.

Photovoltaic solar panels for CCTV cameras produce electricity through the photoelectric effect. This means that photons, or light particles, can knock electrons free of atoms and thus generate an electricity flow. The more sunlight they get, the more energy they generate and the more recording your solar CCTV camera can do. 

We Make It Easy

Do not let another day go by that your vacation home, farm, vineyard, boat, or other beloved place is left without a “private eye” keeping watch for you.

We make it easy to install these great CCTV Solar Cameras. Here are some great benefits: 

  1. You can put these anywhere. 
  2. They are environmentally friendly, and you will not be disposing of any batteries or recycling them either. 
  3. You can monitor your surroundings any time of day or night. 
  4. They have a long lifespan and are built to last.