Who’s Watching Your Property
When You’re Not?

We help keep residential and commercial properties safe so you have peace of mind…

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Neighborhood troublemakers. 

Porch Pirates. 

No matter your concern regarding keeping your home safe, we want to make all your worries are alleviated and all security concerns are addressed. Our business is not so much in the CCTV/Security sector as it is keeping our customers with peace of mind.

Think about the next holiday you are taking. Would you like to spend that time playing with the kids or reconnecting with your spouse, or would you rather bite your nails with worry about what might be going on at home? 

Buying some lovely Christmas or birthday gifts? Concerned about whether or not they made it, or if they were handled correctly? Fear not-you can review everything using our expertly installed CCTV security systems. 

And if you’ve long suspected there is a troublemaker in your neighborhood but have no way of proving it, our cameras capture everything so you can properly handle the matter and have proof to back up your claims. 

Our Company

Our company is comprised of people who are just like you-we care about our families, our neighbors and of course our prized possessions. We put care and expertise into every installation we complete.

Our business is small and local, and for the past 12 years, we have been servicing Far North Queensland and the surrounding areas for all the CCTV systems you can imagine. We can do it all when it comes to CCTV-we have budget 2 channel systems all the way up to commercial grade 128 camera systems.

No job is too big or too small. We want to talk to you and see what you need. We take pride in customizing any combination of recorders, cameras and other CCTV solutions for your personal requirements up to 4k viewing.

What We Offer

We can offer your farm, home or residence the latest technology trusted by professionals to keep everyone and everything safe. Our equipment lets everyone know you mean business and gives them a sense of security while they are in your home.

Mobile Phone Repeaters: Need to make sure your signal is on top and able to make a clear phone call? Get in with one of our Cel-Fi Mobile Phone Repeaters, approved by Telstra, and get ready to make your best calls yet.

Nano Beams: Get your signal where it needs to go with our NanoBeam expert installation. We can position these, so your signal goes where it is supposed to.

NBN Technologies-We want to make sure you are connected in the best way possible, and getting your CCTV working with your NBN connection is easy for us.

Solar CCTV-Live in a rural area with no existing access to power or data infrastructures? We can help you out. No matter the conditions, our solar CCTV can withstand it.

Alarm Systems- No matter your preference, we can help you install an alarm system that suits just what you and your family or business need.

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